A list of the most common passwords in 2019

Every time people need to create a new password, here comes the question: what password will keep me safe and unhacked? Traditionally, SplashData has announced the most-used passwords people have chosen in 2019. Let’s take a look at them.

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Most-common and worst  password in  2019

In order to prevent your accounts from hacking, strong passwords, that will be hard to guess but easy to remember are required. Weak passwords making it easy for cybercriminals to intrude and steal your information

What is your password?

SplashData has revealed the most-used and the worst passwords of 2019. The first place took “123456”, the same story happened last year. The second place went to “12345678”, among other passwords were: “qwerty”, “password”, “iloveyou”, “123123”, “donald”, “666666”, “dragon”, “654321” and others.

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Most-common and worst  password in  2019
Image: SplashData

According to the above mentioned, people don’t combine letters with upper cases and numbers to create a strong, hard-to-hack password. Whenever the password is easy to get or you use the same password for different accounts creates danger for your data.

Take care of your privacy

In case you have found one of your passwords among the list, you might consider changing it. You can use password manager or KeePass to keep your passwords safe and not worrying about forgetting any of them. 

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