How Can I Change my IP Address?

The “IP” shortening means Internet protocol. The “address” is a unique number of digits that connects to all your activity. To make it more simple, IP address is  the individual address that ensures: the information you requested is routed back to you! But what are the ways to change my IP address?

Change your IP address in one tap.

The reasons WHY

Your motives for borrowing a different IP address might vary from accessing blocked content and avoiding Web snooping to bypassing bans and changing your geographical location. You can use the next options to change your IP address, let’s take a look at them.

Location change

When you are home, your IP address connects to your home router, therefore all the devices are assigned with your “home” IP address. When you are at the office Your IP address is not traveling with you and you will be assigned a new one. Whenever you connect to a different WIFI your location at the same time will change. How does it work? You are just using a workplace network IP address while you surf the Web.

Connect to any location you need.

VPN coverage (the safest way)

Virtual private network usage has many perks and one of them is IP address change.  When activating VPN you hide your public IP address and VPN client  provides you private and secure Internet connection. The new IP address assigned to you hides your location. So you can still be in your home country, but explore the Web as if you are somewhere else! Among other things, VPN provides high bandwidth, safe connection and protects your vulnerable data from leaking, prevents data tracking and digital footprint.

Prevent your data from leaking now.

Modem Reset

Besides the above-mentioned options, you can reset your modem to get your IP address changed. Unplug your modem, wait 30-40 seconds and plug it back. Your modem will register with a new IP address.

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