How to avoid information leaking over public WIFI

We have been consistently warned about how insecure public WIFI is. But is it really that dangerous to connect to free WIFI in your favorite coffee shop? If so, how can your information be stolen? How to prevent it from happening? In this article we are going to unveil potential information security problems in public WIFIs, stay tuned!

In average people seem “to trust” public WIFI in hotels, shopping malls, restaurants and airports. After all, we became obsessed with getting access and stay connected. And of course, public WIFI is free and it’s more convenient than mobile data.

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VPN for Public WIFI

What’s the problem with public WIFI

The problem may emerge when you connect to a free wireless network, and your traffic intercepts by somebody else, meaning, the websites you visit and information that you exchange, becomes transparent to others. Let’s see how it works using an example. Imagine sitting in an airport, meaning no harm, and you connect to Airport_wifi_free. In most public places the system asks your authorization to access the network (your full name, mobile number and e-mail). The system remembers your information so the next time you won’t need to redo the same algorithm. So, after you enter your personal information, connect to Wi-Fi, watch something, browse something and then you disconnect and leave.  

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How your information gets stolen

At the same time with you accessing Airport_wifi_free, there might be someone who intends to interfere with your privacy. Hacker, who has got a laptop, wifi-adapter and lets say aircrack-ng, can easily “pretend” to be you and use your MAC address. After that, already authenticated device sends a key and hacker can do business on behalf of your name. And that can be anything: access your mailbox, getting passwords from your accounts and doing something, that considered breaching the law.

Threat Protection

What are the ways to prevent your data from being transmitted:

  • You should always check if the URL address using HTTPS protocol. In case your data has been transmitted, it would be impossible to decipher it due to strong encryption.
  • Never download files that are looking suspicious.
  • Enable the function of automatic connection to public networks.
  • Use a credible VPN provider to secure your information.

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Let’s conclude

It’s worth mentioning one more time, that you data is not safe without any level of protection. Safety of the information you enter can be protected with Hello VPN, so you can be assured nothing gets stolen. Browse and download with a strong security level. Hello VPN will encrypt all your sensitive data with effective IP coverage. 

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