How safe is to use Zoom?

Our lives have changed and become home-based due to the virus outbreak. Now personal trainers, instructors, educational establishments and even big corporations are using Zoom for meetings and conferences.  No wonder that experts are disputing how safe it is to use the software.

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How good is Zoom?

Zoom’s daily users reached 200 million just over the past weeks and most people seem to be satisfied with services provided. Despite that, recently Zoom’s privacy policy was criticized for collecting user’s data like notes and transcripts that might be used for the profit. Later Zoom clarified they don’t use data for advertisement, but do use the data from Zoom’s marketing websites. 

Zoom application

Another feature of Zoom is data mining, which automatically matches e-mail addresses to LinkedIn profiles when signed in, even if you chose to be anonymous or used a pseudonym. As a result, if another person in the meeting was a Sales Navigator subscriber, he could access the LinkedIn profiles of those he was talking to in Zoom meetings. Later Zoom permanently removed this function.

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End-to-end encryption was also an issue while disputing Zoom. As a result, on April 1, Zoom has published an update that while the meeting is not being recorded and all meeting participants are Zoom clients, all video, screen sharing and other content is encrypted and is not decrypted until reaching the receiving client.

Besides, the Waiting Room feature was created in order to avoid cybercriminals to access unprotected meetings and broadcast inappropriate material. The Waiting Room feature is requiring a password to access Personal Meeting in order to prevent unwanted participants in your meetings and conferences.

 To use or not to use?

Zoom has become a lifesaver in the period when everything has become remote. You can use it for casual meetings, yoga sessions, educational purposes, and other social events. Its security level is sufficient for those purposes. As for meetings where you share any sensitive information, you might consider other services like Wire or Jitsi.

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