How to access US Netflix via VPN

Netflix is one of the worldwide streaming platforms, that contains the biggest library of movies and TV Shows. But you must have noticed that certain movies are only available in certain countries. The point is that the library of shows and movies is different in every region. And according to statistics, US Netflix possesses 1/3 of all the content in total (which is 4339 movies and 1326 TV Shows). So let’s see how to access US Netflix library without being in the USA and what VPN has to do with it. 

Access US Netflix Content

Netflix streams its movies and TV Shows in more than 190 countries, but the available content differs in every country. For example, Ukrainian library contains only about 570 movies while US Netflix has more than 4000. That is due to viewing rights that are bought by distributors for streaming in a specific country. Moreover,  the content may differ from month to month, depending on a license agreement Netflix makes with other companies. What to do? So what you can do is to change the region of streaming and trick the system, in order to get the full access to the US library.

Watch TV Shows and movies unlimited with Hello VPN

What happens now is people are trying to change their IP through VPN to watch their favorite movies and TV Shows. Most of the time for that reason they use free VPN and they usually don’t work. This happens because Netflix knows about those attempts and blocks VPN services. 

To avoid this from happening and successfully watch US Netflix via VPN, you need a good VPN solution. Normally what works is a client with more than one Netflix-service available and high-quality service with effective IP coverage. 

Try working VPN for Netflix now.

Change IP for Netflix

Hello VPN provides you with these conditions and ensures your fast and secure connection. It doesn’t interrupt your session, so you are not annoyed by movies being stopped from time to time. Watch Orange Is the New Black, the Office and many others on US Netflix via Hello VPN. Save your time, nerves and enjoy your favorite movies.

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