How to be absolutely secure on the Web


Internet can be your best friend in proving answers to all of your questions. But it can also give you wicked nightmares keeping in storage absolutely everything you browse on the Web. “How to be secure?”-You might ask. Just keep reading and you will find out.

Keeping in mind that every single piece of information you ever searched has been recorded might sound really scary. Internet knows your watching and reading habits, it knows what clothes you buy, what food you order. Even your location and address has been aggregated over the data you create.  

Gain absolute security on the Web.

What threats should I expect when I search the Web?

Internet tracks your online activity and data, either on your device or on the cloud, and hackers in their turn are constantly looking for ways how to steal your information. It can be stolen in various ways but mostly it is practiced by cybercriminals and malware. Malware is programmed in a way to invade the system and seize your information to the benefit of hackers and cybercriminals. Besides malware, that can be entered into the system with the help of a USB drive and so-called drive-by downloads (automatic downloads without your approval), there are also phishing threats. Phishing threats are hidden virus, that you download by clicking on a link with a title like “The link below” and “Download now”.

Secure yourself with a trusted VPN provider.

In brief, once your information is accessed by a third-party and your identity is verified, you are in danger. 

Protect Your Online Identity

Key tips on how to stay safe and secure 

Taking precautions of any data leaking is the core of being secure on the Web. Let’s have a look at them:

  • Despite its convenience and time-saving advantage of a website remembering your passwords, you should restrain from using the same ones. Create distinct passwords for each account. In addition to that, your passwords have to be changed periodically and your their strength shall be high, so the effectiveness against guessing will be minimal. 
  • When outside you should never connect to public Wifi without a layer of security of your control (i.e a VPN). Public Wifi makes your online activity vulnerable, therefore it can be monitored by other people. You never know how secure is the connection you get, and much less you don’t want your information to be stolen
  • Install a trustworthy VPN provider, which can grant you absolute privacy and security whenever you require it.
Use Hello VPN for Internet Security

VPN does not only keep you your personal information secure but serves as a solution to any content restrictions. You can get access to any social media channel anywhere in the world. Your anonymity is provided by changing your IP address and encrypting your data from any third-party interfering. Hello VPN ensures your high-quality connection with a wide range of network services. It neither interrupts your sessions on the Web nor collects any of your data. Hello VPN serves to protect and keep you connected.

Let’s sum up

No one wants their personal information to be exposed. To keep that from happening you only need to follow basic precautionary measures and be careful with the suspicious-looking resources you visit. 

Keep your data protected with Hello VPN.

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