How to recognize that your phone has been hacked

Not only your PC can be hacked these days, but your phone as well. Sometimes phones contain as much personal information as the computer itself. That’s why it makes a good target for hackers to get your data and sensitive information. Hello VPN has prepared some tips on avoiding the threat of being hacked.

Secure your sensitive information from third parties.

Phone, security on the Web

First things first! How can your phone be hacked?

Usually while downloading apps from non-official resources causes downloading malware. Malware is a malicious software that damages your phone or computer. Malware can be presented as a virus, trojan horse, spyware, SMS-malware, adware and others. 

Prevent your phone from being hacked.

You should pay attention if:

  • Your phone’s battery significantly decreased. The malware might be using your phone to transmit your data to third parties, which causes extra battery usage;
  • Adware presence. Pop-up messages, which is hard to close and which redirect the user to other websites;
  • Sometimes your phone might freeze or crash unexpectedly, which is one of the signs of malware presence.
Phone, security on the Web

How to protect your mobile device from hacking

This way or another, cybercriminals find their way to invade and steal your sensitive information. To prevent it from happening, you should use a VPN coverage while browsing the Web. 

  • Among other things, VPN service provides end-to-end encryption, meaning your private conversations stay confidential. 
  • Don’t connect to free WIFIs in hotels, coffee shops or elsewhere, because it may lead to information leakage and malware invade as well.

Follow these simple steps and be secure on the Web! 

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