How to watch F1 TV Pro

Wondering how to watch Formula 1 races location unlimited? Well, we have prepared some tips on how you can get the high-level experience of watching F1 TV Pro using best VPN provider Hello VPN.

F1 2021, Hello VPN

F1 fans all over the world don’t want to miss any second of the race, they desire to see the best viewing angles, get access to live feed to any of 20 onboard cameras and of course to enjoy watching it all without any ads. 

Sounds great but all of the above mentioned is available to F1 TV Pro subscribers  only.. 

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F1 TV Pro is location based

After F1 has launched a streaming service – F1 TV Pro, lots of fans around the globe are struggling to get access to a new channel. The thing is, F1 TV Pro is available in several countries only: USA, Germany, France, Mexico, Belgium, Austria, Hungary, and some other countries. If you reside in one of the listed countries, then you can just get a subscription*, which offers F1 live video feeds and even practice sessions of the drivers. 

What is more, with F1 TV subscription you can always watch the archived videos from years before: ‘Moments of brilliance’, ‘How the season was won’, ‘Grand Prix’ and many more races starting from the 1970s.

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*Note that the subscription fee may differ from the country of your residence.

F1 2021, Hello VPN

F1 TV is not available 

In case you are located in the country that is not available on the streaming channel, there is a way to bypass geo-restrictions. VPN is your way to all online F1 events ‘commercial-free’. 

– By masking your real location, you will have a chance to get feeds that are not broadcasted on other channels rather than F1 TV Pro.
– Moreover, every race is supported with German, Spanish, English and French comments, strategy predictions and professional insights, so if it’s not your country you will not feel left out.
– You will get the best viewing experience with the access to 20 driver onboard cameras and exclusive angles.

How to get the access?

All you have to do is install Hello VPN to your device, connect to F1 server and access F1 TV Pro. VPN extension will encrypt your data and mask your IP address. Fast and simple! 

Enjoy the season and let us know if you have any questions or problems watching F1 races!

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