PUBG MOBILE ban in India

PUBG MOBILE has been recently banned in India. The Indian government banned the game at a time when China and India are going through political tenses. How the ban on one of the most played games in the world affected India?  Let’s find out.

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PUBG ban in India

Why PUBG Mobile

On September 2 the Indian government put a ban on the online battle game right after blocking the social media platform TikTok. PUBG or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a multiplayer royale game that was developed by Tencent Game and is quite popular in India. 

The official reason behind the ban on PUBG MOBILE is security concerns. Officially New Delhy said they banned the app because it collects user data and poses a threat to national security. According to the Reuters the ban is only permanent and to be restored in Apple Store and Google Store. But despite these claimings, the game has recently started to be called as ‘too violent’ which puts a question: ‘Is the game going to be restored indeed?’

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PUBG ban in India

How the Indian society reacts to the ban

India had nearly 33 million active PUBG players in India. The news about the ban came as a shock to the players. According to the news, a 21-year old IT student committed suicide in West Bengal after the ban was lifted. A young man was too upset not to be able to play his favorite game. For some professional players, the ban on PUBG affected their financial state and has taken away the repute, which the players were gaining by streaming on different platforms for years.

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 The bottom line

In the light of the addiction, the game brings and violence as some people think, the game might not be allowed in Indian cyber space again. It is suggested that players switch to other games like Call of Duty Mobile and Free Fire.

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