Russian hacker Maksim Yakubets wanted for cyber crime’s activity

Russian citizen Maksim Yakubets, aged 32, has been accused of distributing banking malware, that helped him steal more than $100 million from 300 banks in 40 countries. Russian hacker is also known for leading cybercriminal network “Evil Corp” and a $5 million reward is waiting for any information that will help to capture Yakubets.

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How did the Evil Corp managed to steal $100 million

Prosecutors claim that Evil Corp’s focus for the last 10 years was financial organizations in the U.K and the U.S. The cybercriminal network has created a malicious software-malware Dridex, which Yakubets and other members of Evil Corp were spreading via phishing attacks and ransomware. Their target audience (financial workers) were letting the malware in by clicking the email.

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Yakubets has been accused of spreading the “Zeux malware” before to get banking information. The losses from Zeux  were estimated at $70 million. 


Who else is involved 

In total 17 members of cybercriminal network Evil Corp joined the blacklist. Igor Turashev, Denis Gusev and others are believed to be involved in multiple cybercrimes. Both Yakubets and Turashev were charged in Pittsburgh and Nebraska for bank fraud and computer hacking.

$5 million for a cyber criminal

$5 million reward was announced for any information that would lead for capturing Maskim Yakubets. It’s worth mentioning, that $5 million is the highest amount of money that has ever been offered for a cyber criminal.

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