Top 5 things to know about before visiting the UAE

It’s no wonder, before visiting a new country, we are likely to learn as much as we can about our place of destination both for curiosity and security reasons. Hello VPN has prepared  5 things to know about before arriving in the United Arab Emirates.

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1. Outfit to wear

Vacation in Dubai is one of the most desirable destinations for tourists all over the globe. Despite the UAE is a Muslim country, tourists don’t have to wear hijab or cover their hair. More than that, you can swim in a bikini, there are no restrictions about that. But you might need to cover yourself (shoulders and belly) in shopping malls. Air conditioners are everywhere, so cover yourself not to get cold and not to attract extra attention.

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2. The Arab Emirates’s life is expensive

If you compare Dubai to the rest of the world, it is often described as a playground for millionaires. But despite being an expensive destination, tourists are ready to pay the price. Having dinner for two in an Italian restaurant (expat area) will cost 328 Dirham (90 USD), tickets to the movies for two are going to be 84 Dirham (23 USD). The taxi fare for Start Tariff starts at 12 Dirham (3,30 USD) and 2 Km of distance costs 2 Dirham (0,54 USD) according to Numbeo. If you want to go shopping, the pair of jeans costs around 225 AED (62 USD), dress from ZARA, H&M 220 AED (60 USD) according to Numbeo

3. Times to visit the Middle East Pearl

The best season to visit the United Arab Emirates is November-March. Although December – February are considered to be the most crowded months for visiting the country, the air temperature is the most comfortable exactly in these months. From June till August the temperature gets extremely hot, so it becomes impossible to stay outside or sightseeing for a long time. 

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4. Population diversity

The United Arab Emirates are known for their majestic landscapes, highest skyscrapers and high nationalities-diversity. According to  UN data, 88% of all population is coming from other countries. Most expats are coming for work and career opportunities. Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the two emirates, that are most welcoming for citizens from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Philippines and other countries. A big variety of population makes life, cuisine, language experience rich for current residents and tourists as well. You can have a food tour, try Afghan food today, taste Filipino delicacy tomorrow.

5. UAE restrictions

Communicating with your family might be complicated via WhatsApp, FB messenger or Skype. Those apps are not functioning at full capacity in the UAE due to the local legislation. Voice and Video calls are not going to be placed if you don’t use a secure VPN coverage. Be sure to install one before you get going. We recommend Hello VPN, it unblocks the apps you need so you can stay in touch with your loved ones while traveling.

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Hello VPN wishes you to have a delightful vacation and don’t forget about your security!

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