Version 7.4 Telegram can now import all of your chat history from WhatsApp

Recently Telegram released a new version 7.4, with this update you can export all of your chat history from WhatsApp and import it to Telegram. How to do so? Let’s dig deeper.

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Telegram introduces new feature


As many were concerned that WhatsApp keeps lots of information, multimedia and even business files, Telegram introduced a new feature, which allows users to transfer all the conversations right to Telegram. According to Telegram moving your chat history, including videos and documents is possible from apps like WhatsApp, Line and KakaoTalk. Initially, the feature was available for iOS users and later for Android as well. The only condition to import your chats to Telegram, is to update your app to the latest version.

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The import process

For iOS users, in order to migrate your chats you need to open chats in WhatsApp, then select ‘Contact Info’ or ‘Group info’. From here choose Export to Telegram in the menu bar. Done! As for Android users, Telegram says users can tap a three-dot button on the top in the right corner of a chat, then choose ‘More’ and from here tap ‘Export chat’.  Migrating chats and group chats will be marked as ‘Imported’ in Telegram.

In terms of numbers, a maximum of the last 40,000 messages are sent when exporting from WhatsApp without media files.

Bottom line

It’s a smart move in the game WhatsApp via Telegram. Will WhatsApp respond anyhow? Will they try to introduce new features for the loyal users to stay?

Stay tuned and we will discover together!

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