What is a VPN and why do you actually need one

VPN stands for the virtual private network and is considered as a principal tool for online privacy. A sufficient VPN provider secures your web traffic from anyone intending to steal your data.  But is that all it does?  

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Private virtual network

What does a private virtual network actually mean?

Originally VPN was created to secure a connection between the networks. Later on, it became very popular and its functionalities expanded. Now we can bypass region-restricted websites and access content by connecting to different servers worldwide. 

A VPN redirects your online traffic and shields your real geographical location from identification. Explaining the procedure in brief, when you switch it ‘on’ using your phone /computer /tablet, a VPN connects to a server and provides you with another IP address, so that you can surf the internet and stream, watch whatever you desire without exposing your original connection.

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What you can do with VPN

VPN can definitely help you with a lot of things like:

  • Granting you online privacy while using dodgy WİFİ hotspots;
  • Providing  certain anonymity while surfing the Web;
  • Hide your real location – bypass region restriction for watching Netflix / Hulu / Amazon Prime Video etc;
  • Granting access to blocked websites.

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As more and more people prefer online shopping, protecting your banking information is one of VPN’s top priorities. VPN ensures that nothing goes unprotected, it encrypts all the data, making it impossible for the third-parties to read it. 

online shopping with VPN

Don’t neglect cyber hygiene

VPN services are changing our internet experience in a better, secure way. It is the easiest way to protect yourself from hackers and cyber attacks! 

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