Whatsapp and FB Messenger calls via secure VPN client

In a fast-moving world, with its technological innovations, we have become linked to social apps. By using them, we make calls; exchange news; share personal content; do business and complete our everyday tasks. What to do if you cannot use the apps like WhatsApp and Facebook messenger at full capacity? How to unblock free calls with a VPN client? And how secure is using a VPN at all? Let’s find out!

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Unblock WhatsApp and FB messenger calls in the UAE

Communication via messaging apps

Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger are the most popular messaging applications that allow you to make calls, exchange messages, share photo and video content globally. According to statistics Whatsapp has 1.6 billion users from 180 countries, while FB messenger has 1.3. These numbers demonstrate that people communicate via messaging apps every day and it has become a significant part of their lives. What is more, these apps are prevailing when traveling abroad to make voice and video calls. But there are countries in which Whatsapp and Facebook messenger calls are not allowed according to local legislation. 

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When Whatsapp and FB messenger calls are not placed

According to the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger’s function to make voice and video calls in UAE is disabled. The same story happens with other Gulf countries like Qatar, Saudi Arabia, etc. That’s why if you live, work, or just traveling let’s say to Dubai, you will face troubles calling home.

Reasons for restriction

There are several reasons for the United Arab Emirates to place restrictions on most social media applications. The first reason is the promotion of the UAE’s local telecommunication companies (Du and Etisalat). By using regular calls residents invest in the country’s revenue, which at the same time improves the economy. More than that, The UAE is known for providing a shield for many nationalities. So by calling their families, expats are investing to the budget as well. 

Another reason to lift the ban is a security concern. The government’s authority believes it’s too early to provide end-to-end encryption calling feature. In the United Arab Emirates security is a matter of utmost importance. That is why the country fears Whatsapp, FB messenger and other apps’ feature to make encrypted calls  might be used in a way to perform hacking, phishing or terrorist actions.  

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Unblock  VoIP calls via secure VPN client  

As far as the UAE’s government considers it’s dangerous to allow Voice over Internet Protocol services, calling your family might be a challenge. In order to keep in touch with your loved ones and use Whatsapp, FB messenger, Skype, and other apps, you need a secure VPN client. Hello VPN unblocks all the applications and ensures your absolute security on the Web. Connecting via a virtual private network changes your IP and encrypts your traffic. In other words, if you use a VPN provider, prying on your private information is excluded. 


The UAE’s harsh Internet restrictions are not likely to be moderated any soon. Until then performing voice and video calls via Internet is only possible with a VPN. You should know, that not all VPN providers work in The United Arab Emirates and many VPNs are blocked. We also don’t recommend you use free VPN services, because they can sell your data to other companies for the sake of revenue. Hello VPN is the best provider so far. It has got a wide range of available services to connect to, so the network is never overloaded. It doesn’t interrupt your connection, wherefore you can make quality calls to any part of the world.

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